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SARAJEVO, October 10 /SRNA/ - The president of the Main Council of the Croatian People’s Assembly, Bozo Ljubic, has said that the election of Zeljko Komsic /DF/ as the Croatian member of the BiH Presidency is neither constitutional nor legitimate and can be characterized only as “as a hostile act against Croats and political violence.”

“Komsic was elected as a member of the BiH Presidency for the third time regardless of the fact that the candidate of the Croatian People’s Assembly, Dragan Covic, won more than 80% of the votes of Croats,” Ljubic said in the Croatian Parliament.

He has said that the BiH Constitutional Court confirmed the right of every people to elect their legitimate representatives, and stressed that this “election is neither legitimate nor constitutional.”

Ljubic has said that it is obvious that it was Bosniaks who elected him, that is, that they “were instructed to vote both for the Bosniak and Croatian member of the BiH Presidency.”

“In order to prove this we don’t need any big analytics, a more subtle analyses of elections will show that Kosmic won the most votes in strongholds of the Bosniak SDA,” said Ljubic, who is a member of Parliament from the HDZ.

He has stressed that the election of Komsic for the third time must not be treated as personal issue, but as the issue of the Constitution, character and sustainability of BiH.

According to him, Komsic made use of that which political constellations in BiH and formal-legal regulations allowed him, and everything else was done as part of a well-thought-out Bosniak, or, more precisely, SDA project.

“Even though some would like to present this election as the election out of spite, if we take Bosniak mainstream politics since the Constitution and the Election Law were changed by imposed measures of high representatives, we can characterize this only as a hostile act against Croats and political violence, that is, an attempt to turn the Federation of BiH, which in Washington was founded as the Croatian-Bosniak Entity, into an entity dominated by Bosniaks,” Ljubic has said.

Ljubic has stressed that having in mind that the Constitutional Court voided certain regulations of the Election Law pertaining to the FBiH House of Representatives, it is questionable how it will be possible to form a government in the FBiH and at the level of BiH in a legitimate manner.


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Bosnia and Herzegovina Territorial Arrangement
According Dayton Peace Agreement from 1995:
Two Entities: Federation of BiH and Republic of Serbs
Implementation Needed or Dayton 2:
Federation BiH: Bosnian and Croatian Federal Units, Entities or Cantons
Republic of Serbs
District Sarajevo
District Brcko

Bosniak Republic Bosnia
Republic of Serbs
Croatian Republic Herceg-Bosnia
District Sarajevo
District Brcko

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